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Safety Rules –

  • Rule No. 1 – Be safe, be nice, or go home!

  • Slides: One-at-a-time, all the time! (Parents cannot slide with a child on their lap or holding hands, no "trains", etc.)

  • Feet-first only down slides - no head-first sliding

  • No bouncing at top of slides (just sit down and slide)

  • Stay on the designated course of all inflatables

  • Little people and big people should not bounce at the same time (adults are encouraged to sit in a bounce house to be near their children, but should not bounce at the same time children are bouncing)

  • When sliding don't drag your arms and elbows. Hold ‘em up to avoid "rug burn".

  • No fighting, wrestling, racing or flips!

  • Gum is not allowed anywhere at Jump For Fun!

  • Bigger people, including adults, should always steer clear of little ones
  • At all times, parents are to supervise their children and ensure that they follow all safety rules.
  • Please listen to staff and follow additional safety rules as explained

Frequently Asked Questions


Our play arena is suitable for ages 3 to adult. Children up to 3 years old and walking can play, but they must be accompanied at all times by an adult. We encourage adults to participate with their children on all the inflatables (subject to each unit’s maximum weight rating) as they usually have as much, if not more fun than the kids! In any case, all children and adults must wear socks and provide a signed waiver. Adults MUST be accompanied by their own children to play on the inflatables.

Babies, crawlers and toddlers are not allowed on the inflatables as it is unsafe for them. Parents are to closely monitor their children to assure they are not on the inflatables with older, larger kids or adults. We have a special area called "Teenincy Town" for our smallest guests with age-appropriate games and toys. Parents may enter with their kids, but all children must be under 38" to play in Teenincy Town.

Can we just come in and play?

We have a great schedule for Tyke's Jump (Ages 6 & under) and Open Jump (Ages 12 & under) where you and your family can come in and "hop ‘til you drop". There are no "drop-offs" for Open Jump and Tykes Jump sessions as parents must accompany kids at all times. Check out our Open Jump schedule online or call us.

What is a birthday party like at Jump For Fun?

We ask that you and your guests arrive at Jump For Fun! about 10 minutes early, where your Party Pro will meet you in our large reception area. We will review your party order, guest list and schedule with you, check for signed waivers, issue wrist bands, collect your cake (if you bring one), any gifts that your guests have brought, and any other personal items, and conduct a short safety and rules review. You and your guests will then be escorted into our enormous play arena where you will have 60 minutes for play on all of our fun attractions. We have shoe cubbies at the entrance to the play area for storage of shoes. (Please remember: there is no admittance to the play area without socks and a signed waiver…adults included!) While you play, your Party Pro will deliver your items to your private party room.

Shortly after your party's start and during play time, you will have access to your party room to prepare it or just to find a little peace and quiet!

As you near the end of play time, your Party Pro will call your guests over the PA system and escort them to your party room, where we will assist in any way we can to make your experience the easiest birthday party you have ever hosted! Once your party has started, guests cannot return to the play area. We have found that full tummies and jumping are not a good combination!

You will have 45 minutes in your private party room for cake, pizza, singing Happy Birthday, and/or opening gifts. (We advise saving gift-opening for home. We have found that little guests are pretty tired by the time they get to the party room and have their cake, and usually have little interest in watching the Guest of Honor open gifts! However, this choice is left to you.) When your party time is over, your Party Pro will assist in getting your items loaded into your car and on your way. (It is appropriate and welcome, but not required, to tip your Party Pro if service merits such recognition.) We ask that you vacate the party room at your appointed time as another party is likely scheduled to enter as you leave. Parties leaving more than 5 minutes late will be charged a $50 Late Fee.

How do I book a party?

We have several party options in our Party Planning section on our website. You can book online or by calling us, but weekend slots fill up quickly (as much as 4 to 8 weeks in advance), so we recommend that you book as early as possible. If you do not find a party plan that works for you, please do not hesitate to call and we’ll work with you to find an acceptable solution. At Jump For Fun! your party experience is very important to us, and we try to go out of our way to make you happy!


Is a deposit required to book a party?

We require a $100 deposit when booking a reservation. The balance and any extras (pizza, drinks, goodie bags, etc.) will be due on the day of the party. We accept Visa, Mastercard and cash only. No checks please.

What if I change my party schedule?

If you need to reschedule your party, please give us a call and we’ll try to accommodate your requirements. If you change your party date or time and provide at least a two week notice there is no penalty if we can accommodate your change, and the price of the party will remain the same. Rescheduling with less than two weeks notice will result in loss of deposit.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation with at least two-week's notice:  You can re-use your deposit when scheduling another party (up to one year).  A $25.00 fee will be imposed if new invitations are requested.
Cancellation with less than two-week's notice:  You will lose your deposit and be charged the entire amount for your party.

Note: All deposits are non-refundable. However, we will try to work with you on any cancellation.

What is included for my party?

We provide access for your guests to all the inflatables and games in the jump arena, a clean festive party room with a special throne for the Guest of Honor, table covers, all paper goods (cups, plates, napkins, plastic cutlery, etc.), and any extras you order (pizza, ice cream cups, drinks, etc.). The Party Pro assigned to your party will help you prepare the room and clean up when your event is over. Our paper goods are generic, so you may bring your own if you would like, and we will help you set them up.
Easy Click Invite, our online party management system, is the easiest, most convenient way to manage your party invitations, RSVP's, gifts, and Thank You notes.  When you book a party at Jump For Fun! you will receive a confirmation email that will have your event number included.  Then, all you have to do is click on the Easy Click Invite icon on our web page, and you will have all these features at your fingertips.  It is self explanatory and very easy to use.
Print online - Click here to print custom, full-color invitations right here on our website.  
Paper invitations - Alternatively, if you would like to use paper invitations, we can provide them for you.  Unlike other birthday party centers, we pre-print your invitations on heavy, colorful card stock with your party information (date, time, place, Guest of Honor's name and birthday being celebrated, RSVP information, etc.), so all you have to do is address them!  How easy is that?  Just reply to the Confirmation Email that you treceive when booking your party and ask for "Paper Invitations" in the text of the reply email, and we'll prepare them as quicky as possible! (Please keep in mind that there is a $20.00 charge for re-printing invitations.)

We offer three party options of differing sizes:

Party Plans and Guest Lists
Mammoth Party - Up to 25 Guests
Mega Party - Up to 20 Guests
Mini Party - Up to 15 Guests
Pajama Party - Up to 25 Guests (Available 7:00pm & 7:30pm Fridays & Saturdays only)
Weekday Party - Up to 25 Guests (Available during our Open Jump & Tykes Jump hours)
If none of these options serve your needs, please call and we can probably help with a custom party program that will meet your requirements. The Guest of Honor (birthday child), children under 2 years old, and adults (18 and over) are free and not included in the guest count.

What if I have more or fewer guests?

Additional guests are always welcome, but will incur a $10 charge per guest over the limit. If you plan to have more than 30 guests, please let us know at least 3 days before your party so we can make the appropriate accommodations. 
Party Package Upgrades: You can always upgrade up to and including the day of your party, but we cannot always guarantee a larger party room.  (You at least get the benefit of saving some additional guest charges.)
Party Package Downgrades:  If you call at least two weeks in advance, we can sometimes downgrade your party based on room availability Downgrades are never available less than two weeks before the party.
You will need to bring a birthday cake (or cupcakes, etc.), candles, and a cake knife. We offer pizza, ice cream cups, snacks, candy, sodas, bottled water, and juice boxes. Pizza is delivered when your party is scheduled to start, so it is hot and ready when you are. We're sorry, but in order to control the cleanliness of our party rooms, no other outside food or drinks are allowed at Jump For Fun. Outside food brought in is subject to a $75.00 fee (We never allow outside pizza or drinks to be brought in, even with a charge). We appreciate your cooperation. Food and drinks are only allowed in the party rooms, never in the play area. Please keep in mind that extra messy party rooms are also subject to a $50.00 fee even if the outside food fee is paid.

Can I bring my own balloons and goodie bags?

If you are not purchasing balloons, you are free to bring your own. Jump For Fun! does not offer goody bags, and you are free to bring your own.

When should I order my party extras (pizza, beverages, ice cream, etc.)?

You can place your order for extras online when you book your party. If you would like to make changes or additions once your party is booked, please give us a call and we can help. We ask that you notify us 48 hours  before your scheduled party to make sure we can accommodate your changes, however, we can usually make additions after you arrive.

How many slices are in a pizza?

We only offer large Dominos pizzas, which have 8 slices each.

What about decorations?

You may bring your own decorations, balloons, noise makers, hats and paper products to the party rooms, but we do not allow anything to be attached to the walls (staples, tape, tacks, or "Sticky Tack" types of products are prohibited). Messy or dangerous decorations, including bubbles, streamers, party poppers, silly string, confetti and piñatas are not allowed. Use of any of these, or exceedingly messy parties, will incur an additional cleaning fee of $75.00.

Will there be a staff member to help with the kids in the play area and in the party room?

Our friendly staff will always be present to supervise safe play and to assist you in getting settled into your party room so you can enjoy your party experience. If you need any help during your party, please let us know. When your party is over, we provide for all the clean-up!

Who sets up and cleans up the party room?

We do, of course! We will set up the room the way you want it, and when you’re done, we take care of the clean-up.  Please note, however, that extra messy parties may incur a $75.00 cleaning fee. (The party package does not give our guests license to trash our facility.)

It is appropriate to tip my Party Pro?

Our Party Pros work hard to assure that you and your guests have a positive and fun experience at Jump For Fun! It is welcome and appropriate, but not required, to tip your coordinator if the service merits such recognition. Most party hosts tip their party coordinator 10% - 20% of their total bill.

What should we wear?

Socks are required for everyone who plays on the inflatables, including adults. It is a good idea for the party host to bring extra socks in case someone forgets theirs. We recommend long-sleeve shirts and nylon sweat pants since they make for faster sliding! Eyeglasses, watches, jewelry, clothes with zippers, hooks, buckles, rivets or spikes (other than at the waist), denim or other clothing with metal studs, and large belt buckles are prohibited. All of these items tend to scratch and cut the inflatables.

Can a guest play while wearing a cast?

Due to safety concerns, guests wearing a cast or other medical devices (splints, slings, braces, etc.) will not be permitted to participate on the inflatables. We welcome these guests to attend your party and they will not be counted in your party attendance total, but they will not be allowed on the inflatables.

What time should we arrive at the party?

Everyone, including the host family, should arrive about 10 minutes before the scheduled party time. We need to collect waivers, distribute wristbands, and review our safety rules with all participants before the party starts. We ask that you do not arrive more then 10 minutes early because there will likely be other parties in the lobby.

Do I need to stay at the party?

The party host is required to stay at the party. Other adults are also welcome to stay and play as well, but they are not required to stay as long as the party host is present and accountable for the kids, and emergency contact information is provided. Drop-offs are not allowed during Tyke's Jump or Open Jump sessions.

Can my guests spend more time in the play area?

We’re sorry, but we cannot extend your play time. However, we have found that most kids are pretty hungry, thirsty, and tuckered-out by the time they get to the party room

Can we have more time in the party room?

If you would like to have less time in the jump arena and more in your party room, just let your Party Pro know and we’ll make those arrangements. It is usually not possible to extend your time in the party room as there will probably be another party scheduled right behind yours. As always, just check with us and we’ll see if the schedule allows us to accommodate your request.


Can we start in the party room?

Full tummies and jumping are not a good mix, so we require that you start your event in the jump arena. Once the kids have left the arena for the party room, there is no returning.


What about age differences?

We use an age-matching booking algorithm to assure that parties booked adjacent to yours are for similarly-aged kids, kind of like recess at an elementary school.  We do this in an attempt to have all players in the arena be of similar ages.  However, you should be aware that even though another Guest of Honor may be close to your child's age, older siblings, family and friends are often invited to Jump for Fun! parties as well. Thus, we can't guarantee that all kids will be similarly aged in the jump arena, but with so much to do, your children should have a great experience!  


Is my party private?

Your party room is always private and reserved just for you! When you have your party at Jump For Fun! there might be one other party that overlaps your party time and shares the jump arena at a time, but the public is not invited during our non-Open Jump schedule. (Compare that with up to eight parties plus the public sharing the play area at other facilitiles!)  However, our play area is VERY large (twice as large as most others), and you will have access to ALL the inflatables and games during your entire play time. Since we provide so many inflatables and games in such a large arena, easy access is never an issue, plus, your child gets to play on his favorite rides for the entire jumping time instead of being shifted to another room!

Are waivers required?

Due to insurance requirements, all guests, including adults, are required to have a completed/signed waiver, which is available online or at the facility. Family members under 18 may be included on the same waiver. For a printable copy of the waiver, click here.
If you can't attend a party for which you have been invited, you can drop off your gift early at Jump For Fun! on the day of the party. However, party days are very hectic, and we CAN NOT guarantee that your gift will be given to your intended recipient. We recommend against dropping a gift at Jump For Fun!, and that you make other arrangements. We will do our best to get the proper gift to the proper party, but we can not take responsibility for gifts left early.